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LLC News and Activities


The Lohana Ladies Circle was established on the 22nd February 1988. This is our silver jubilee year.
This idea of creating a club for young women was conceived by none other than my father in law Mr.  Rajnibhai Kantaria. The founder members being Mrs. Ilaben Devani, Mrs. Sarlaben Kantaria and Mrs. Sarojben Somaia. Since then very talented ladies have taken up the chair and the club has grown leaps and bounds.. It is because of the efforts of our past chairladies that we are in our glorious 25th year.

The main committee consists of 6 ladies and then a subcommittee of 6 ladies. The committee members are a dedicated group of ladies who are ever ready to help. 

Lohana ladies circle is non profitable, charitable organization. The aim of the club is the upliftment of the under privileged class of the society.
Over the years the past chairladies have taken up projects and donated millions of shillings to charitable institutions, orphanages, hospitals etc. The past chairladies of the club are like the torch bearers. Their guidance and support is invaluable.
We follow in their footsteps to take the club to the next better level.

Following are a few of our charities:

A ventilator in the ICU Ward at Nazareth Hospital.
Renovation of Nairobi Children's Home in Kyuna.
Heart in conjunction with Lions-Sanitary Napkins supply to 1000 girls.
Jacaranda school for the mentally handicapped.
Jaipur foot donation.
Classes at St Peters School.
Mother Teresa Home.

A variety of events are organized by the club for the members every month. It could be an educational talk, seminars, demonstrations etc We try and give our members the best for their all round development.


Cooking demonstrations by celebrity chefs A charity dance show "DANCING DIVAS" in 2009 Inter-community Antakshari competition in 2011 Talks on various topics like security, health, wellness, spirituality etc.
Charity film shows
As a norm, the club celebrates the religious occasion of Ramnavmi every year.
Celebration of the colorful festival of Holi from the last 2 years.
A Spelling Bee competition was organized in May 2012 An inter community Raas Garba Competition in September 2013 Outdoor activities like mountain climbing and a herb farm visit was organized in July 2012 A Chaniya Choli fashion show with a celebrity judge in Sep 2012

According to our constitution every year the club organizes a fund raiser to collect money for charity. A charity is first decided upon. Then we look for projects or events which we can undertake to raise the money for charity. Once the event has been identified we work on it try and get maximum collection for charity. At the end of the year, we donate the money to that charity.



Dear Community Members, The Jacaranda School of the Mentally Handicapped owes gratitude to this one special lady who did a lot for the school during her tenure as chairperson.

I dedicate this month of June to that very special lady and the 6th chairperson of Lohana ladies Circle. We express our gratitude and thank her for her contribution towards not only Ladies Circle but the entire Community at large...Read More


  • Diwali Patrika, Children’s Feeding Program & Annakut Samagri

  • Diwali Dinner with Live Music

  • Navratri Celebration 2019

  • A Walk & Yoga at Karura Forest

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